Toronto or Yellowknife?

The RD editorial team chose Toronto but Gary George chose Yellowknife for his favourite of the week, which would you chose?

Toronto or Yellowknife?Okay, so by now you’ve probably heard about the Canada’s Most Interesting Town contest being held by Reader’s Digest, wherein Canadians from coast to coast are being asked to sing the praises (well, jot them down anyway) of their most-beloved Canadian locale. The Reader’s Digest editorial team has been asked to weigh in with a  weekly Editor’s Choice comprised of one submission they believe best exemplifies the spirit of the contest. I was graciously asked to be part of the process and, oddly enough, we appear to have different views right out of the starting gate.

The RD editorial team opted to showcase a wonderful submission about the equally wonderful city of Toronto. Now, I agree: Toronto is a swell place, full of community spirit, and an integral part of the country we all love to call home.

Also in the running this week, however, was a well-written, very informed and evocative description of Yellowknife. After reading it, I was almost ready to hop on my motorcycle and take a late-season road trip all the way up there…as you can tell, Yellowknife nabbed my vote.  If you had to make the choice, what would it be?



Thanks in advance for your input, and don’t forget to join the fun by entering the contest!  There’s thousands of dollars in prize money up for grabs — potentially for you and the Canadian town you deem most interesting.

Cheers, OC Editor Gary George (aka Curious George)

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