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Our Travels: Touring Down East

Tim Fletcher of Grimsby, Ont., and his wife Doreen travelled along Quebec’s south shore, down to New Brunswick’s Fundy coast and into Prince Edward Island for their niece’s wedding. They also managed to visit the Magdalen Islands and Percé Rock in Quebec’s Gaspé region, before finally heading back home. Read about their tour of eastern Canada in the November issue of More of Our Canada.

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1. Percé Rock

At the eastern end of the Gaspé Peninsula is a stunning natural wonder. Boat tours can get you up close, and the small town of Percé has some very good shops with better-than-average local crafts, as well as good restaurants, hotels, and B&Bs.

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2. Sunset in the Maggies

Sunset in the Magdalen Islands is magical. Sitting out alone in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where giant storms often brew, provides exceptional vistas for sunset fans. This one, with the little shack and boat, was a great contrast in colour and shows the view clear to the northern horizon.

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3. Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse

The Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse claims to be Canada’s tallest Maritime beacon (a fact disputed by another lighthouse in Labrador) and is one of several we saw on our trip. They are great monuments to Canada’s wonderful maritime heritage.

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4. Fishing Boats

A colourful array of fishing boats in storage in Shippagan, N.B. made a great photo op. 

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5. Glorious Sunset

Another gorgeous sunset, this one along the St. Lawrence in Rivière-du-Loup, Que.