Which Hometown Would You Pick?

B.C., B.C. or B.C.?!

Which Hometown Would You Pick?Have you been checking out the submissions for the Reader’s Digest  “Canada’s Most Interesting Town” contest? If not, you should-they’re really terrific! For example, take the most recent selection of potential Editor’s Choice of the Week:

Barriere, B.C.          http://stage.readersdigest.ca/cmit/submission-details?submission_id=264

Comox, B.C.          http://stage.readersdigest.ca/cmit/submission-details?submission_id=290

Qualicum Beach, B.C.      http://stage.readersdigest.ca/cmit/submission-details?submission_id=311

Now, Jill Cameron certainly did Qualicum, B.C., justice in her depiction of her hometown as Canada’s Best Destination. And there is absolutely no denying the powerful tug at the old heartstrings in Therese McKirdy’s case for Barriere, B.C., as tops in Community Spirit. But my vote went to Denise Sevier-Fries’s endorsement of Comox, B.C as Canada’s Most Artistic Town. Using a “Dear Abby” approach and the personification of colours to describe the creative nature of this wonderful haven for artists and art lovers was inspired…and inspiring.

As you may have surmised, I was once again out of sync with the Reader’s Digest editors: their final decision leaned in favour of the caring, compassionate nature of Barriere, B.C. Fair enough, I suppose-it was very touching. Out of curiousity, which story would have been your pick of the week?

OC Editor Gary George (aka Curious George)

P.S. Did you notice that the three possibilities put forth for Editor’s Choice consideration were all from British Columbia….what’s up with the rest of Canada, I wonder? If you feel your neck of the woods is under-represented in the contest so far, and you’re interested in potentially winning some cash for yourself and your community, get your submission in without delay at stage.readersdigest.ca/cmit

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