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Winter in Fort McMurray

Are you ready for winter? Dannette Scott of Fort McMurray, Alta., definitely is! She wrote the story “My Fort McMurray” for the My Hometown section of the December/January issue. Are you proud of your hometown? Tell us why and send in some great photos like these!

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Beautiful Sunset Sky

Dannette hopes to dispel some of the negative impressions of her hometown and show you that there is another side to Fort McMurray that isn’t just about oil sands.

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Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights takes place at Douglas McRae Park and features more than 250,000 lights strung throughout the trees and the grounds.

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Winter activities

“We have many walking trails, outdor rings, groomed cross-country ski trails, and, of course, the forest.”

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Wildlife Galore

“All of the wildlife and beautiful nature around us is so much a part of our lives here.”

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WinterPlay Festival

“Our first WinterPlay Festival lasted for ten days and included dog sled races and many other events.”

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Winter Forest

“Fort McMurray is surrounded by our glorious boreal forest.”

Winter Sunset

“I consider where I live to be the largest winter outdoor entertainment park in the world.”