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5 Hidden Gems in British Columbia You Need to Visit

You haven’t fully experienced British Columbia until you’ve checked out these quirky sights and natural wonders.

Following Newfoundland’s West Coast

A Toronto native takes the road trip of a lifetime, and discovers the wild beauty and warm-hearted locals of Newfoundland's...

Why You Need to Book a Hotel Staycation This Summer

The best way to ease back into travel is a luxe hotel stay in your own backyard.

Incredible Bird Photography From Across Canada

Bird’s the word! We challenged Canadians from coast to coast to share their adventures in avian photography, and you...

Birds of the Okanagan

The Okanagan Valley is one of Canada’s best birdwatching destinations.

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On Track: A Photographic Tribute to Canada’s Rich Railroad History

From the architectural wonder of an old trestle bridge to abandoned stretches of weed-strewn track, this gorgeous gallery captures the...

The Best Bike Trail in Every Province

Not only is cycling fantastic exercise, it also presents the opportunity to see pristine parts of the country you can't...

The Best Wildlife Experience in Every Province

Canada is a vast and wild country, with plenty of opportunities to see amazing—and rare—animals. The Great White North boasts...

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25 Quirky Hotels Across Canada

From an historic lighthouse to a haunted jail, these quirky hotels across Canada are attractions in themselves.

That Time Oscar Wilde Came to Woodstock, Ontario

Looking back on an eventful local visit by the famed playwright and master of wit.

Discovering Quebec’s Reford Gardens

More than just flowers, the lush green oasis of Reford Gardens has something for everyone.

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The 10 Best Hikes in Canada

Lace up your hiking boots and get reacquainted with the greatest outdoors Canada has to offer.

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20 Things to Do in Whistler Without Snow

Set against stunning mountain backdrops, Whistler is as popular during the summer months as it is during the winter. Hiking,...

A Love Letter to Montreal

It wasn't love at first sight for newcomer Patrick McKenna, but Montreal eventually "got under my skin and worked its...

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What It’s Really Like Travelling Through the Canadian Rockies Onboard Rocky Mountaineer

Considering splurging on Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf service? Here's what you can expect from upgrading onboard the legendary train trip through...

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Fascinating Canadian Rockies Facts Most People Don’t Know

Thought you knew the Canadian Rockies? Think again! These fascinating facts will have you seeing this awe-inspiring natural wonder with...

The Best Snacks You Can Only Find in Canada

If you’ve ever had a taste of these Canadian specialties, count yourself among the lucky few. From regional flavours to...

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How Canada Made the Moon Landing Possible

The 1969 moon landing might not have included a Canadian astronaut, but the historic event never would've happened without know-how...

This Was One of the Hottest Days in Canadian History

Before the record-breaking heat experienced in B.C. this June, the highest temperatures in Canadian history dated back to July 5,...

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10 Fun Facts About Canada That Will Blow Your Mind

Thought you knew all there was to know about the true north strong and free? These fun facts about Canada...

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Natural Beauty: The Art of Timothy Mohan

Breaking with tradition? Perhaps. But all that matters for Métis artist Timothy Mohan is making a positive difference in the...

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13 Little-Known Facts About Canada’s Most Famous Landmarks

From the CN Tower to the Chateau Frontenac, there's more to these iconic Canadian landmarks than meets the eye!

Leonard Cohen’s Montreal: 5 Places Where You Can Walk in the Footsteps of the Canadian Icon

Since Leonard Cohen's death in 2016, fans from around the world have been flocking to Montreal to pay homage to...

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13 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Were Made in Canada

Everybody knows the telephone was invented in Canada, but how many people know that 95 per cent of the world's...

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Winged Wonders: 15 Beautiful Canadian Birds Captured on Camera

Whether they're perched at the backyard feeder or soaring high in an azure sky, our fine feathered friends always make...

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20+ of Canada’s Biggest Tourist Attractions (Literally!)

Canada is a big country, so it's no surprise that we like our tourist attractions sized extra large.

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Only in Canada: The Funniest (True!) News Headlines From Across the Country

From a thoughtful thief returning a stolen car (with a full tank of a gas) to a multi-million dollar maple...