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3 Ways to Avoid Tourist Scams

Scams, thefts and rip-offs often take place in urban areas in less-developed countries. Most happen in the first day or so (you may think you blend in but you probably don’t).

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Here are three tips to help prevent you from being the victim of a tourist scam.

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1. Stay Alert

Be wary of anyone who approaches you, particularly around popular tourist sites.



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2. Negotiate Fees Ahead of Time

Always agree on a price for taxis (if there is no meter) and tour guides in advance. Also watch out for porters who take you to unofficial taxis that overcharge you. Don’t use unlicenced cabs in any city.


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3. Keep Your Belongings Close to You

Take care of your bags and money especially in crowded areas and when you are distracted, for example when trying to find your way around on a strange subway system. Take your time and zip up bags and pockets.


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