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7 Secrets for Great Holiday Photos

Here’s what Sydney-based professional photographer Arunas Klupsas suggests for getting the most out of your digital camera.

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Two Cameras Are Better Than One

If you have luggage space, two cameras are handy for capturing the very best of your vacation moments. Specifically, a digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera has all the controls you need to adjust settings-such as shutter speed-a smaller point-and-shoot snapper is ideal for impromptu snaps. It can also fit in your pocket.

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Test the Shutter Speed

Pay attention to the time between hitting the button and the shutter opening. “Too many point-and-shoots have a delay, making it hard to photograph anything that moves. Test for shutter lag by taking photos in the shop before buying.”

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Go Shockproof

Opt for point-and-shoots in shockproof casings so that the camera can withstand rough luggage handling and accompany you to the ocean or snowfields.

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Shade Your Lens

Pack a lens hood to shades the camera lens from side light, which can create flare on your photographs. “When you blow up a picture that has been taken without a lens hood, it can look flat,” Klupsas notes.

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Pack Extras

Bring along extra memory cards, batteries and chargers, “because you’ll find your battery’s flat just as you’re about to take that once-in-a-lifetime shot”.

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Use Standard Batteries

Choose a point-and-shoot powered by standard AA or AAA batteries if you are traveling across a lot of borders with different electricity standards.

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Download, Download, Download

Downloading your shots as you travel can also reduce the risk of losing photos should your camera get stolen. If you don’t have your own laptop or tablet, most Internet cafes will have the required facilities for you to download and you can email them to yourself or put them on a USB key.