Create Memorable Experiences With Your Kids This Summer

This summer, why not create new memories to share with your children? Here are 4 ways to make memorable summer experiences with your family.

Create Memorable Experiences With Your Kids This SummerRemember as a kid how thrilled you were to spend quality time outdoors with your family? Together in the fresh air, playing catch, fishing on a dock or building sand castles, you hoped that these loving, fun-filled moments would last forever. Now as an adult you can’t help but reminisce about these cherished experiences. Here are 4 ways to create memorable experiences with your kids this summer.

Hit the Beach

Pack your bathing suits, suntan lotion and towels – a beach bound adventure offers warm memories for all family members. Remember paddling in warm water at the shoreline, playing frisbee among the sand dunes, and diving into the refreshing surf after a game of beach volleyball? You can recreate these happy experiences – and more. Canada’s waterside getaways also behold nature’s most intriguing secrets. Bring home shells, driftwood and stones that have been gently polished by the water – perfect souvenirs of your beachside adventure.

Play Street Hockey

Once upon a time the sound of wooden hockey sticks slapping on pavement and a chorus of ‘car’ were heard in many a Canadian neighbourhood. Don’t just revel in this nostalgia; pull your nets and sticks out of winter storage, grab a tennis ball and divide your family and friends into teams for a pick-up game of Canada’s favourite pastime. The best thing about summer street hockey is that loved ones of all skill levels can join in for an afternoon of physical activity, outdoor fun and competition. Channel your inner Sidney Crosby or Hayley Wickenheiser and see who can score the most goals.


Sleep under the stars, cook on a campfire and swim in a bubbling stream – camping in the great outdoors is a sure way to forge wonderful family memories. Some campsites offer amenities such as full bathrooms, showers and electrical hook-ups while others allow campers to rough it in the wild with only their tent, sleeping bags and adventurous spirit to keep them company. Regardless of your camping style, be sure to spend quality time together hiking along nature paths and discovering unique plants and animals. And don’t forget to bring marshmallows for a yummy campfire roast, an activity beloved by generations of Canadians. For more information visit Parks Canada’s website.

Take a Road Trip

Traveling along the highway with the windows down, wind rushing through your hair and the radio cranked up loud enough for you to sing-along. Who didn’t love a summertime journey in the backseat of their parents’ car as a kid? Simple pleasures like this one often made the most vibrant of childhood memories. This summer, give your kids a taste of what you enjoyed at their age. Buckle up and take a family road trip exploring your province together. Often the most engaging places are only a short car ride away. Take advantage of the many attractions Canada’s small towns and big cities offer: food and music festivals, berry picking, outdoor theatrical productions, movie nights under the stars and theme parks.

Our relationship with nature is disappearing. That is what we found out when we talked to 3 generations and asked them one simple question: What did you like to do for fun as a kid?

At Nature Valley, we believe childhood belongs in nature. Join us on our mission to pass on the joy of nature to the next generation.


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