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10 Best Places to Take a Selfie

The selfie movement seems to be taking over social media. But before you jump on the bandwagon and shoot one in your bathroom mirror, read these tips to discover the best places to take a selfie. 

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Places to Take a Selfie: The Great Wall of China Toboggan

If you’ve made the trip to China (so very cool in itself) and managed to walk all the way across the Great Wall, there is no more awesome way to get back down than by taking a toboggan – yes, a toboggan. It’s one of the best places to take a selfie. It’s not only about as fun as a theme park ride but it’s probably the most amazing thing anyone you know will ever do in their travels. While making your way down the toboggan, take that smart phone out and be sure to capture the coolest, most adventurous selfie of all. This will surely beat out any self-portrait on your Instagram feed this year.

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Places to Take a Selfie: Château Versailles’s Hall of Mirrors

Another place to take a selfie: The famed Versailles, France château may be the epitome of French art, culture and history but it also just so happens to be the one place you’re almost guaranteed to get the most attractive selfie ever. The combination or mirrors, skylights and long windows in famous Hall of Mirrors ensure perfect lighting in the daytime. It can actually make your skin appear a little tanned, with the perfect sun-kissed glow. The best part about taking a selfie here – besides being in one of the most amazing castles in the world! – is that it also makes your super attractive selfie as classy as President Obama’s. If he can take a selfie at the White House, we think it’s acceptable for you to take one at Château Versailles.

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Places to Take a Selfie: Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Another awesome place to take a selfie: Sometimes, cliché just works, and taking a selfie with the wax version of your favourite star is one example of how. It’s classic, yet fun. We highly recommend the London museum. Being the original Madame Tussauds location, it still gives your selfie a little bit of an edge over the Vegas Tussaud selfies (#therealdeal). Plus, a trip to London is never a bad thing.

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Places to Take a Selfie: Brooklyn Bridge

Don’t miss out on this awesome place to take a selfie. If you’ve been to NYC and never made it to the Brooklyn Bridge, then you haven’t really been to NYC. It’s the trip everyone takes and the location all visitors – and locals – must stop and see. Taking a selfie from this amazing landmark is the perfect combination of fun, awesome and even romantic, all in one great Instagram shot. Not only will you have a memory of the landmark, but proof that you actually saw it and didn’t just spend your weekend in Times Square eating street hot dogs, hailing cabs and waiting in line at MTV Studios.

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Places to Take a Selfie: Eiffel Tower

Paris’ Eiffel Tower is just too romantic of a spot not to make it onto this list. Since it was first built, it has been a must-stop spot for lovers. Countless couples photos have been taken here, as well as proposals made, first kisses had and many other romantic escapades begun. If you’re looking for a starry-eyed getaway and a special photo memento to take home with you, a selfie of you and your love at this most romantic spot is an absolute must. Besides, you wouldn’t want to ask a stranger to take the photo and disrupt your romantic moment. Another great place to take a selfie. 

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Places to Take a Selfie: Trolltunga in Norway

The fact that you’re here, on the very edge of a jaw-dropping cliff, overseeing the water and the mountains, makes taking a selfie a must. You may think selfies are vain, and you’re quite possibly right. However, in this instance, making it to the edge of this extraordinary cliff calls for lots of showing off with very little feeling guilty about it. This is most definitely one of the wildest locations for a selfie. We’re not sure how you would hashtag this amazing shot but #beautiful and #scary come to mind. Take an awesome selfie here. 

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Places to Take a Selfie: Dead Sea, Israel

Yes, covering your body in clay and floating in water so salty you physically cannot sink calls for the title of coolest selfie. In general, selfies work best when they’re not just showcasing your smile, but also an amazing location not everyone on your social media channels has had the pleasure of visiting. This location is particularly deserving of a selfie because it’s one of the most unique places in the world. You may want to skip on the bathroom selfie or the gym selfie, but the Dead Sea in Israel selfie just can’t be a bad idea. Best place for a selfie. 

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Places to Take a Selfie: Dog Sledding in Canada

Whether you’re on a dog sled in Ontario, Banff, Quebec, or anywhere else in the country, it can be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. Therefore, a great place to take a selfie. You may not think so, but a dog sled ride is action-packed, fast and loads of fun. For many, it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime experience, making it selfie-worthy in our books. Snap a photo of yourself bouncing through the wilderness with these amazing dogs for a shot you won’t regret.

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Places to Take a Selfie: Camel Ride in the Egyptian Desert

If you’re in the Egyptian desert, chances are most people you know are extremely jealous. Between the landmarks and historic wealth, a trip to Egypt is, in itself, an amazing and most memorable experience. But let’s face it: your friends will be even more envious of your camel ride selfie. Not only are you in one of the most amazing places in the world, but you’re also on a camel. If ever there was a time where it was acceptable to snap a selfie, this would be it. So go ahead, take a great selfie. 

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Places to Take a Selfie: Hot Air Balloon Ride

There are few things that compare to the exhilarating feeling of flying 6,000 feet in the air in a basket being blown around by hot air. Believe it or not, flying in a hot air balloon can be a beautiful, peaceful, and serene experience (unless you have an overpowering fear of heights). Viewing the world for over an hour at a height so you high you can’t touch the ground, but close enough to make out what lies below is a remarkable experience. Taking a selfie here is a must for two reasons: the ride is so short and will probably only be experience this one time, and you really don’t want the hot air balloon controller taking his hands off the heat to snap a photo for you. Just be sure to keep your hands in the basket, especially if you’re known to have butter fingers. A great place to take a selfie. 

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