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10 Sun-Soaked Aruba Attractions

Want to beat the winter-blues and catch a little sun? Check out these Aruba attractions, and explore the warm water and sandy beaches of one of the Caribbean’s most breathtaking retreats.

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Dreaming of a perfect paradise to escape the frigid Northern winter? The happy little Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba has it all… pristine beaches, fabulous weather and warm aqua waters. And since it’s outside of the hurricane belt and boasts an average temperature hovering around 30 degrees Celsius, endless fun in the sun in Aruba is guaranteed all year-round.

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1. Blaze a Beach-Hopping Trail

All of Aruba’s glorious beaches are open to the public, so you’re welcome to park in whatever paradisiacal spot you please. And these amazingly pristine strands of white sand run the gamut from calm and solitary slices of snorkeling heaven to wild and crazy party-people spots to perfect windsurfing and kite boarding bays, so why settle for just one? Go exploring to find lots of fun in the sun spots to suit your individual mood and style.

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2. Submerge into Undersea Splendour

There are many spots on Aruba where superb snorkeling is accessible right from the shore, but a trip out to De Palm’s private island is a real treat due to the plethora of giant neon blue parrotfish! Divers and snorkelers alike will love the Antilla, a sunken German freighter almost completely intact that is one of the largest wrecks in the Caribbean, but for those to who prefer to stay dry while marvelling at marine life, there’s also the exciting Atlantis Submarine adventure.

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3. Make Waves & Memories

For wonderful adventures upon the waves take some seaborne trips with operators like Red Sail Sports and Pelican Adventures that take you out to snorkeling and diving spots while you party hearty to a tropical beat. Then there are romantic sunset and dinner cruises aboard legendary crafts like Mi Dushi which means “my sweetheart”, and even a rollicking Jolly Pirates outing replete with scallywags and a rope swing! Or if you’re seeking an intimate sail with very personal service, try a soothing sojourn aboard the lovely little Tranquilo yacht.

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4. Dine Around – Inside or Out

If sampling gourmet fare outside by a spectacular sunset floats your boat then Aruba really delivers. Here are a few top-notch alfresco spots to start with: Barefoot Aruba, Pinchos Grill, Simply Fish and Pure Beach. For more nightlife action but still outside, try Cuba’s Cookin’ downtown or Amuse Bistro on “the high-rise strip”. Or indulge in a canopied bed at Screaming Eagle or surrounded by glassed-in air-conditioned comfort at Windows on Aruba. Visit Aruba Gastronomic Association for more choices as the island boasts over 200 fine dining spots!

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5. Get a Satellite Perspective

Sometimes the only thing better than looking up at a hot, sunny sky in the winter is looking down on one! There are some high-flying thrill-of-a-lifetime adventures on Aruba that can give you a bird’s eye view of the island like tandem parachuting out of a plane with Skydive Aruba or whirlybird tours of the island from above with Aruba Heli-Tours. Or you can float above the sea with one of Aruba’s many parasailing operators.

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6. Dance in the Streets

It’s almost impossible to avoid the colourful, crazy Aruba Carnival if you’re on island anywhere from January right up until March as the parades, pageants, and jump-up dancing in the streets goes on for months! But no worries if you’re visiting at another time as there is rarely ANY month of the year that some kind of gala outdoor celebration or musical/cultural or sporting event is not happening somewhere on the island. For updated information on all the events, visit the Aruba Tourism Association’s online calendar.

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7. Encounter Cool Creatures

Iguana and lizard spotting on Aruba is easy as they are just about everywhere. But don’t let the prehistoric looking creatures alarm you; they are friendly vegetarians and really fun to observe! You’ll also encounter wild goats meandering around, and wild donkeys that needed a home can be visited and also adopted at the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary. The Butterfly Farm is a must visit for those seeking to witness the magic of metamorphosis, and comical, ungainly birds can be hand-fed at the Aruba Ostrich Farm.

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8. Spoil Yourself Silly

What could be better than a soothing massage by the sea? Aruba has many seaside spa treatment options available all along Palm and Eagle beach. But if retail therapy is your choice for spoiling yourself silly then you’re also in luck as there are many cosmopolitans indoor/outdoor malls boasting upscale, luxury items like gold, diamonds, jewellery, electronics and brand name fashions with very low duty and absolutely no tax. Shopping in flip flops in the dead of winter is always a trip- sure beats sloshing through the slush back home!

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9. Rediscover Romance

Aruba is a highly favoured Caribbean island for destination weddings, honeymoons, and vow renewals. Those seeking adult-only, intimate ceremonies typically choose the Bucuti & Tara Suites Resort whose professional wedding planner is Beverly Clark certified. For large splashy galas, the Aruba Marriott has its own wedding planning website, and Aruba Renaissance Resort  has a private island offshore for ceremonies where famous rapper Timbaland tied the knot! For family-friendly affairs, the Divi Aruba Phoenix offers a good balance of ambience suitable for children as well as adults.

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10. Do Absolutely Nothing!

But maybe one of the very best pastimes to do on Aruba is absolutely nothing! It’s easy to sink into an ultra-relaxation mode when bathed in the tropical sun and caressed by constantly refreshing trade winds while the only difficult decision you might have to make is whether or not to read a book on the beach or what kind of decadent tropical concoction you’d like to drink. And the only kind of frost you’ll encounter on this awesome island will be on your glass! Cheers!

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