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5 Tricks to Get the Star Treatment While Travelling

Looking to get the first-class treatment on an economy-class budget? Try these simple techniques to squeeze the most out of your vacation dollars.

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1. Get Bumped From Economy to First Class

“When you go to the check-in counter, let the (airline representative) know that if your flight is oversold, you would be willing to volunteer your seat,” Fazio says. This sometimes results in an upgrade.

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2. Get Special Requests Met at a Hotel

Perhaps you’d like some type of personalized service at your hotel: fresh flowers in your room or access to the gym after hours. Fazio suggests finding an “industry insider,” such as a travel agent or a plugged in friend, to make the request on your behalf

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3. Get a Table at an Exclusive Restaurant

Call first and introduce yourself without trying to book a reservation. Instead, inquire about the restaurant and express enthusiasm. During the conversation, ask for the name of the manager. Then call back another day and ask for the manager by name, and you’ll be more likely to get a reservation.

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4. Get Into a Sold-Out Show

Tickets are usually reserved for VIPs connected with a production. If those VIPs decide not to use the tickets, they are often released 48 hours before the show. Call during this time and you might score seats.

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5. Jump to the Front of a Nightclub

Nightclubs thrive by having a relatively equal male-to-female ration. But as there are more often men than women in the club, doormen tend to let women into the club first. “Gentlemen without dates might want to approach single ladies and offer to buy them a drink if they will help get them in the club,” Fazio says.

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