See Inside the World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room

One night in the world's most expensive hotel room will literally cost more than the average Canadian makes in a year.

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living room most expensive hotel room
Courtesy Clint Jenkins/Palms Casino Resort

Welcome to the World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room

There’s treating yourself, and then there’s totally over-the-top (and totally enviable) decadence. After trying your luck in a casino and drinking martinis to your heart’s content, anyone planning a Las Vegas trip can also kick back in the most expensive hotel room in the world.

With a view of the Vegas Strip, the Palms Casino Resort is already in a prime location, but one room really goes above and beyond. The newly opened Empathy Suite costs $100,000 a night, and there’s a two-night stay requirement—so anyone booking it is committing to a price tag of at least $200,000 (USD, of course)!

So what can you expect from a room where a one-night stay costs as much as a Maserati? We’re so glad you asked.

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bar most expensive hotel room
Courtesy Clint Jenkins/Palms Casino Resort

Sampling the Amenities in the World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room

The 9,000-square-foot suite on the 34th floor features original design elements, custom furnishings, and works by Damien Hirst, the richest artist in the United Kingdom, and it doesn’t take an art enthusiast to appreciate the aesthetics. Watching over the 13-seat bar (which includes 24/7 butler service) are a marlin skeleton and taxidermied marlin, not to be confused with the two preserved bull sharks (similar to one of Hirst’s most famous works) in the game room. Another of Hirst’s works includes an oversized pill cabinet filled with diamonds. The suite has a few of Hirst’s favourite motifs—butterflies, spots, and pills (think Valium and Advil)—that make it feel like a place that doesn’t take life too seriously.

Sure, the two master bedrooms with their California king beds and private massage rooms are nice and all, but it’s the other amenities that will really make your jaw drop. There’s a healing salt room, walk-in steam showers, and tubs with hydrotherapy jets for total relaxation. And for those wanting a bit more activity, there’s a fitness room with exercise equipment, not to mention a private pool jutting out from the building and overlooking the Strip. Check out more of the most outrageous hotel amenities in the world.

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most expensive hotel room bedroom
Courtesy Clint Jenkins/Palms Casino Resort

The Ultimate Vegas Vacation

Of course, any vacationer is bound to leave their room eventually, which is why the Palms has Empathy Suite guests covered. They get VIP access to other parts of the resort, like a recording studio, nightclub, and Pearl Concert Theater, plus $10,000 in credit to spend around the property. (Roulette? Check. Caviar? Check. Champagne? Check.) You might have everything you need right there, but adventurous travellers who want to take on the town can take advantage of chauffeured car service for their whole stay.

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